Friday, 8 August 2014

Letter and sentiment stamps

The last two lessons of stretch your stamps have been exploring different ways to use alphabets and sentiment stamps. Hurdle number one was to get brave and use scissors on stamps, and cut them into pieces. Very scary indeed, but it did make them a lot easier to use.
I've enjoyed playing, and have come up with the following cards. 

For my family, I made a full set of these to hide under pillows tonight. After stamping the letters in Simon says Stamp inks in Dark Chocolate and Soft Navy, I blended the soft Navy ink in from the sides, leaving the message white.
Lacking pretty much everything to make one of the cards, I came up with this alternative, by cutting out my own stencils. I'm pleased with this one. The stamp is My Favourite Things 'pretty poppies', chopped into pieces.
Finally, a card that I'm glad I ran past my children for comment. I chose letters for the tree the I thought looked a bit branchy and leafy, and they were Y, R, O and S. When the kids looked at the card, they wanted to know why the tree said   'Sorry'. So I hastily added some 8 and P stamps, and now the card isn't quite so apologetic! The grass is made from T, I and 1 stamps as well as !.
The trunk is hand painted with watercolour paints.


  1. Great cards! Love them all, but especially the tree with letters as leaves.

  2. That tree with letters for leaves is totally genius! You've been busy with all of these cards from the lesson...I'm impressed!

  3. Oh the tree is fantastic. I am so going to CASE this one. ;-)

  4. Love your personalized word search cards! And the tree is just adorable :) I love the little hearts. Love the genius letter grass, too. When you first look, though, it almost looks like a bunch of paper clips, which I think is cool! Who doesn't love paper clips?!

    1. Thank you so much, Sallee. I love all stationery, including paper clips!

  5. Just taking the class now...found your cards in the gallery! These are all really great!! I really like the flowers and the tree with alphabet leaves is so creative!